Good Money Week animation

Make money and make a difference

This week (30th October – 5th November 2016) is UKSIF’s Good Money Week, the campaign to help grow and raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance.

And this year UKSIF asked us to create an animation that would appeal to millennials. We wrote and created a creepy fairytale which follows a couple’s journey to making ‘good money’ choices. All the models were created with Adobe Fuse and Turbosquid, and the majority of animation uses Adobe Mixamo. Style is based on illustrations by Emily Carew Woodard with music by Bryan Mills.

View the video: Good Money Week

Charity Videos

Videos to change hearts and minds

Together, we motivate change. We galvanise communities to stand up for what’s right. We influence the world and make it a better place. We make people shout. We make people cry.

Working for charities of all sizes, we create targeted, high quality campaign, fundraising and advocacy videos that tell your story, from concept, to storyboard, to production and delivery.

And by including outstanding motion graphics, character animation and CGI, we can help you stand out from the crowd, at no more expense than regular video.

Take a look at a few of our charity videos

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What makes an effective fundraising video?

Creating a video to promote your cause and encourage engagement both online and off can present a vast range of challenges. But, if done properly, creating and marketing a fundraising video can achieve unbelievable results for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

As an award-winning creative studio we help charities bring their campaigns to life through video storytelling. Here we reveal a few simple tips…

Keep it short and sweet

Whilst the messages within your video are certain to be poignant, knowing where to draw the line when it comes to the video’s length is vital, especially if you want to create a fundraising video that has the potential to go viral. Keep your video short and sweet to ensure key messages are clearly communicated. Ideally fundraising videos should be no longer than 2 minutes.

Don’t forget the storytelling aspect

Whether a video is being made for a profit or non-profit organisation, the importance of finding and telling a great story shouldn’t be lost. Our work with Leonard Cheshire Disability demonstrates this point. The film followed Skye Mackenzie, who 12 years ago suffered a serious traffic accident and has since found support with Leonard Cheshire Disability to rebuild her life.

This honest and emotional storyline relayed the essence of the charity and communicated the impact that their work had on individuals.

More than words

A good soundtrack can also make a huge difference when creating a fundraising film. The vivid imagery used in our Kew Garden’s fundraising campaign and the urgent calls for support were teamed with a dramatic soundtrack to captivate and intrigue viewers further.

Use animation to your advantage

There are many techniques that can be used in the video to deliver key messages to the audience more clearly. By including outstanding motion graphics, character animation or CGI, we can help you stand out from the crowd, at no more expense than regular video.

Inspire with every second

What’s the key to fundraising videos? Make people cry!

Inspire an emotion then inspire action. Whether you are looking to raise money, boost awareness, garner support, or all of the above, emotional engagement is crucial.

If you want to create your own fundraising video, contact us today on 020 7251 6787 or email to discuss your ideas.

End Animal Testing video for Four Paws

How to create a stand-out video for your organisation

1. Always remember your business objectives

While creating a short film is often all about thinking outside of the box, ensuring your creative ideas, story board and script suits your commercial objectives is still important. The best films use discreet advertising to provide a mesmerising insight without shouting about the brand itself, but how can you strike the right balance?

Being clear about the vision at the heart of your organisation and your aims regarding the making and release of your film is the trick. By also doing your research about what your target audience wants and needs from your video, you can create a successful short film without falling into the direct advertising trap.

2. Take your audience on a journey

When it comes to short film making, the subject of your film shouldn’t be about the destination, it should be about the journey. But remember – unlike a feature length film, a short film doesn’t give you the time to explore subplots, secondary characters and montages.

Make sure your short film covers just one journey, and stick with just one or two main characters to ensure this journey and every emotion along the way doesn’t become diluted.

3. Make your characters truly memorable

As well as taking the time to develop a worthy storyline, you must also create memorable characters that your audience will connect with. Short films don’t provide a lot of time for your audience to fall for your characters, however, it can be done by demonstrating the personalities and quirks that your audience will love.

4. Invest in professional post-production

The finish of your video will certainly count and by investing in professional post-production you can create the Hollywood edit that your video and your audience deserve. Using the latest video equipment, our in-house team can present an inspiring end product that really works.

From motion graphics and CGI animation to infographics and visual effects, take a look at UP’s best video projects.

How can animated videos complement your online marketing strategy?

We’re all familiar with the animated classics that fill our television screens but how can this fun and creative process benefit your charity or business? There are many reasons why you should incorporate animation into your marketing plan, some of which we will explore in this blog, and we have helped countless clients use the latest techniques to make animation a useful and powerful campaign tool.

With over 40 years of combined experience, UP have created numerous online video campaigns incorporating motion graphics, character animation and CGI, often with live action integration.

Here we reveal a few reasons why you should consider an animated video…

Turn visits into real engagement

Research shows that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, and 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. People can be intrigued by an animation unfolding on the screen or a well designed infographic that can give impact to those figures and stats! Also an animated video can bring a potentially dry subject to life, like this animation about ethical investment.

GoodMoneyWeek animation


Boost your link juice

As well as boosting traffic, incorporating an animated video into your website and social channels is also a great way to boost search engine optimisation (SEO). As well as attracting more links from other sites, video has been shown to be 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than text-only webpages, whilst keywords can be added to the title and description to make your video and the brand behind it even more findable and sharable. 

Go viral

Going viral is considered the Holy Grail of online marketing, and whilst there is no formula for viral marketing success, putting a creative video out there is a great place to get started. Other factors include timing, catching the zeitgeist and understanding your audience’s sharing habits. Our team of animated film makers work with you to develop a concept that works for your company and its audience, whilst adding a creative twist that has the potential to hit the viral high notes. 

Vegan Society animated video

Within 24 hours, our video for The Vegan Society went viral with over 32,000 views which has since rocketed up to 137k views. Watch here


And finally, another key advantage of using animation for your website and social media channels? It is often cheaper than live video.

Wanna get inspired… take a look at the best of our online videos.

Shared Interest

World Fair Trade Day

Investing in a Fairer World

May doesn’t just bring fabulous weather and a step closer to summer, on the 9th World Fair Trade Day returns for another year, and at TMCK we’re doing our bit to promote fairer trade across the globe. We thought we’d use this blog to pay homage to the upcoming festival and the wider fight against poverty.

About World Fair Trade Day

Introduced by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), World Fair Trade Day is a series of events that take place on the second Saturday of May each year. With events scheduled to take place across the globe, the initiative offers the chances for people from all walks of life to make fair trade possible and help continue the fight against poverty, exploitation and climate change. The WFTO is urging everyone to do their bit to improve the sustainability of the local and global economy to ensure the vulnerable can benefit and find sustainable sources of income.

There are more than 1,000 towns, cities and universities across the globe supporting fair trade, whilst pressure is being applied to governments and large corporations to promote best practice when it comes to fair trade.

An inspirational project

Our work with Newcastle-based fair trade cooperative, Shared Interest, not only forms a vital part of our portfolio but also provides an investment in a fairer world. We have worked with Shared Interest for several years providing the promotional design services they need to spread their message about their ethical investment organisation. Our design team completely overhauled Shared Interest’s investor and gift packs to deliver a professional and distinctive look that complements their ethical values.

We also create a regular home page and cover takeover for Big Issue, and have done so for their upcoming special issue. The 4 page cover wrap and web homepage produced by our team will run on the Big Issue website and links directly to Shared Interest and their work supporting fair trade producers.

Be an agent for change

As well as supporting the WFTO’s World Fair Trade Day initiative and attending events that are local to you, make sure you buy a copy of the special issue of the Big Issue, which is due out during the World Fair Trade event in May. More importantly, show your support any way you can to improve the lives of the several million small producers and their communities worldwide.

Take a look at our work for Shared Interest

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Transformational video for Barton Carlyle

We have just launched a short video for our long-term client Barton Carlyle to show at events and conferences.

The international education consultants wanted to convey this basic premise: higher education is transformational, both on personal and societal levels. Higher education provides much of the basis of human progress, innovation and creativity. Global student mobility is a vibrant lifestream of people, talent and ideas that makes the achievements of higher education an international phenomenon, framing, spreading and informing development and progress worldwide.

With just 10 days turnaround, this was the result.

See our other work for Barton Carlyle

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What to consider when launching an online video campaign

Give your audience what they want

When marketing your products or services on the net, companies nowadays are quick to realise that not just content is king. In fact, multimedia rules the roost in today’s society and what better way to give your audience what they want than with an online video campaign.

Unbeknown to many there is a science to launching an online video campaign and many points must be considered to deliver a creative and engaging offering to the masses. Here we share the secrets behind the online video campaign.

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